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New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight!!

New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight! I’m sure this is one of the most common resolution made! How many of us actually follow through? Prime example is how busy the gyms become in January, and by February its back to the normal crowd. I believe the main reason we fail is because we set unrealistic goals,

New Year….. Bring it On

Could this year have gone by any faster? Each year goes by and I wonder how I can make time to slow down.  There are many ways to feel about the years flying by.  I sometimes panic a little.  Feeling like I will wake up one day and it's 5 years later!  I am choosing to take a new approach this

5 Simple Ways to De-Stress This Holiday

No time to de-stress this month? I beg to differ! One of the most vital things I tell my clients is to know your body. Know where you can push yourself and where your limitations lie. Whether it is our crazy in-laws, shopping for that hard-to-please friend or family member, or missing out on that

Sweaty Holiday Workout

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the cooler weather. It really feels like the holiday season is upon us now, doesn’t it? I am loving it!! Unfortunately, one downside to this time of year is that we all tend to be EXTRA busy. I don’t know about you, but my workouts

Surviving Holiday Travel

As the holiday season closes in on us, it seems we spend more time on the road or in the air to make our way toward family and friends. It’s great to spend time with our loved ones during the holiday season, but if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself during

Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs!

Blogs that keep me in check! I started following a few blogs last year.  It grew from a couple to well over ten now! Wow!  Didn't realize how many I read until I started writing this blog! Their passion for exercise, food and fashion keep me coming back every day! Here are a few blogs

Enjoy Your 2 Weeks of Fall

Fall finally seems to have arrived.  We've been fooled a couple of times already but it looks like we have reached the 2 weeks of the year that Houstonians live for. So how do you plan on enjoying this time?  I recently made a promise to myself to become a tourist in my own town. 

Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight Over The Holiday Season!

Holiday Hustle! Tips to avoid gaining weight over the holiday season. Gobble, Gobble,Gobble!!! Ho! Ho! Ho! OH!!NO!!! Here come the holidays. It’s time to trim the turkey and deck the halls. Let’s not forget those fantastic parties that are filled with glorious food and drinks. A fabulous moment on the lips extra pounds on the

Move towards a Healthier You

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress level, water intake etc.  There are many different factors that help or prevent you from being the healthiest you can be.  Life is busy, and sometimes it feels overwhelming to accomplish all we need to be the healthiest we can be.  This year has flown by and next year is going to fly

Soups on!

Soup’s on! One of my favorite things to enjoy on a cold winter day is a bowl of piping hot soup. There’s something so therapeutic about diving into a savory bowl of warm salty liquid that sooths the body and calms the soul. Let’s not forget the immediate comfort we get from a bowl of