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Food Prep: Your Waistline and Your Wallet Will Thank You!

There is nothing better than a calm afternoon or evening where you can leisurely shop for groceries and head home for your culinary adventures. Then, once you’ve created your masterpiece, you sit down at the table and calmly savor each delectable bite. While this may be an ideal way to prepare and enjoy your meals,

Tabata Style

I've been discussing Tabata training with a few clients but thought I'd try to reach a wider audience. And yes, I realize this might sound like I'm conducting a lecture class, but stick with me. First the history lesson. Tabata was founded by Izumi Tabata in Japan. He conducted research on two groups of athletes.

Don’t Fear Muscle!

Don’t Fear Muscle! Some of us think if we only do cardio we will lose weight when in actuality you need a combination of resistance training and cardio to achieve the weight loss you are seeking. I fall into this category at times. You must remember that the more muscle mass you have the more

No “Buts” About It! Keep your “Butt “Strong!

Our "butt", better known as our glutes are the largest and strongest muscle in our body.  They consist of the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus.  We need to keep them strong and healthy for our day to day activity.  We use them to sit, stand, bend , pick -up climb and walk. Having a strong

Veggie Recipes to love

I have had such an adventure navigating through changing how I think of food, especially when it comes to veggies vs. meat.  I have enjoyed trying new recipes.  I have always wanted to put more effort in trying new things, and experiementing with a Vegetarian based diet sure gave me the motivation. I have discovered so

Mastering The Art Of Dieting

Growing up in the era of the Anorexic, Fat Free, Sugar Busters, and Atkins Come Back diets, I spent countless hungry hours trying to master the art of dieting.  I mean if there was a degree in dieting I’m sure by now I’d have several, but to my disappointment, I lacked true commitment in the

New addition to your To Do List: SLEEP!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who was tired last week! The recent time change messed up my sleep schedule. Yours too? Ok, good. Now I don’t feel so bad. All week I was thinking… spring forward? How about backward! I always get excited in the Spring when I realize the time is


A cardio workout is part of every solid fitness routine, but how do we know if we are getting the most out of the cardio sessions? I want to share with you how I have not only answered this question, but how I have been able to measure my results. Two years ago, I took

I love breakfast!

I really do love breakfast.  In a perfect world, I would have an omelet, fresh fruit and an English muffin with apricot jam.  Unfortunately, like most people, I don't live in that world.  I do, however, know the benefits of having something for breakfast.  My day gets a kick-start, my system gets its wake up

My Experience with Training after 40.

Okay ladies, I am here to tell you that even though I am a trainer and know how to train my body and maintain my weight, turning 40 changed everything. I also had a partial hysterectomy, I still have one ovary kicking, but not kicking enough! My weight gain was very subtle. I continued training