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Summer Green Smoothie

Summer Green Smoothie Light refreshing and full of flavor!   Add the following ingredients in order to a blender and press start!! 1 cup of water 1 cup of kale 1 cup baby spinach 1 half cucumber peeled and diced 1 half cup of water (yes another cup) 1 half sliced green apple 1 half

Fresh Feel Good Green Smoothie

Here is a Fresh Feel Good Green Smoothie recipe that is nutritious and delicious. And it absolutely takes no time to make. This smoothie tastes so good that my two little non-veggie eating boys and super picky veggie eating husband love so much.  Just three basic ingredients blended together.  So simple and so full of

Simple Foods Swaps That Save 100 Calories

Did you know that just cutting 100 calories a day can help you loose 10 pounds a year?  The easiest way to cut your calories down is to swap foods that are “one for one”. Exchange your fatty favorites foods for lower calorie ones. Example: breads for lower calorie ones, chips for lower calorie chips.

Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight Over The Holiday Season!

Holiday Hustle! Tips to avoid gaining weight over the holiday season. Gobble, Gobble,Gobble!!! Ho! Ho! Ho! OH!!NO!!! Here come the holidays. It’s time to trim the turkey and deck the halls. Let’s not forget those fantastic parties that are filled with glorious food and drinks. A fabulous moment on the lips extra pounds on the

Practice What We Preach! Healthy Eating Starts At An Early Age!

When it comes to teaching children, actions speak louder than words. Healthy eating habits and exercise start at an early age. Kids imitate everything we do. It’s pretty simple; they want to do what we do. I still remember saying to myself as a kid, I’m not going to be like my mom when I

Exercising on Vacation! Tips to staying in shape while you are away!

We all do it!! We pack our bags for our getaway and sometimes pack a little too much. We sneak in resistance bands and other workout gear just in case we want to workout. We dont want to break away for our fitness routines so we try to commit to our workouts on our vacations. 

Zumba!!! Its Hot! Hot! Hot!

Zumba is the Latin dance inspired fitness craze that is hot, hot, hot!! Zumba combines fitness and fun using almost every muscle in your body while you are shaking and shimmying.   Zumba incorporates a range of Latin dance styles (hip-hop too) such as salsa, merengue, cha-cha, cumbia, belly dancing and my favorite samba.  Zumba offers classes

No “Buts” About It! Keep your “Butt “Strong!

Our "butt", better known as our glutes are the largest and strongest muscle in our body.  They consist of the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus.  We need to keep them strong and healthy for our day to day activity.  We use them to sit, stand, bend , pick -up climb and walk. Having a strong


"Spinning" a indoor cycle class on a stationary bike with a 15 pound front fly wheel controlled by resistance.  The class is lead by an instructor who guides you through a ride simulating the outdoors.  Done to upbeat music experiencing flat roads, sprints, jumps and hill climbing.  Some classes are held in the dark so you