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Arango first heard about The Train Station, a private fitness studio for women, from two co-workers. Because their results were impressive, she decided to check it out. Together, Arango and owner/ trainer Liz Zamadics set goals and created a personalized circuit-training program that would fit Deborah Arango’s busy lifestyle. “I had two requirements,” says Arango, a senior vice-president for Stewart Title-Houston Division. “My business is very customer-oriented — we give clients our undivided attention — and I wanted that same kind of one-on-one attention from a trainer.” She also preferred a private, personalized environment. “‘The Train Station provides a focused environment where I can fully concentrate on my workout without interruptions,” she says. “When I go to work out, Liz focuses all her attention on me, and that helps me get the best possible workout.” The only person happier than Deborah Arango about the results she has gotten from working out at The Train Station is her tailor — Arango has dropped two sizes and altered her wardrobe twice since she started her program two years ago. Houston Health And Fitness Magazine Arango wanted to lose weight, to increase muscle tone, improve her endurance, and to enhance overall health. In two years, she has met or exceeded all goals “I promised myself I’d lose a certain amount of weight before my 30th birthday, and I actually lost more” she says Her body fat has decreased 11 percent, and she has added running to her fitness regimen. “This spring, we moved the aerobic exercises outdoors, running around Rice University and through West University,” she explains “Liz is always looking for ways to fine-tune the weight-training to keep me challenged.” Beyond the state-of-the-art equipment found at all good gyms, The Train Station has a professional staff that has been beneficial to Arango’s fitness growth. “They’re all very encouraging to me when I come in for workouts,” she says. “It means a lot when you have support and encouragement ” Editor’s note – Located in a house-turned-studio gym in Rice Village, The Train Station provides fitness programs designed for women, with no more than three people training at one time It’s a light, bright, upbeat setting where enthusiastic trainers direct your workouts. Hours: 60-minute sessions arc scheduled Mon-Fri, 6 a.m.-7:30 p.m.; 30-minule sessions, Mon-Fri, 11 a.m.-3:30 p m.; Saturdays, 8-3. Owner/ trainer: Liz Zamadics. For information, call 713-523-9092.

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