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My Experience with Training after 40.

Okay ladies, I am here to tell you that even though I am a trainer and know how to train my body and maintain my weight, turning 40 changed everything. I also had a partial hysterectomy, I still have one ovary kicking, but not kicking enough! My weight gain was very subtle. I continued training

“Benched” Workout

I started my mornings out in Cambria California with this circuit-style ocean-view workout and am so excited to share it with everyone! All you'll need is a bench, a small area where you can jog or brisk walk, a watch or smart phone with a second hand/timer and some motivation push through this challenging outdoor


"Spinning" a indoor cycle class on a stationary bike with a 15 pound front fly wheel controlled by resistance.  The class is lead by an instructor who guides you through a ride simulating the outdoors.  Done to upbeat music experiencing flat roads, sprints, jumps and hill climbing.  Some classes are held in the dark so you

Changing my nutrition.

I have always had a love for running and fitness.  When I turned 40 I wanted to run a full marathon.  I tried this same goal when I was 30, but ended up walk/running the whole due to an injury,  being told I would never run a marathon without surgery.  Well I accomplished the Marathon

New Workout Videos!

What a fun day! Lights, camera, action were the buzz words at The Train Station this past Saturday.   Oh yeah, us Train Station girls got a little taste of Hollywood as we spent the day shooting video for our new website.  With the help of Karl AKA ‘Marty Scorsese’ and his film and production background