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Veggie Recipes to love

I have had such an adventure navigating through changing how I think of food, especially when it comes to veggies vs. meat.  I have enjoyed trying new recipes.  I have always wanted to put more effort in trying new things, and experiementing with a Vegetarian based diet sure gave me the motivation. I have discovered so

Mastering The Art Of Dieting

Growing up in the era of the Anorexic, Fat Free, Sugar Busters, and Atkins Come Back diets, I spent countless hungry hours trying to master the art of dieting.  I mean if there was a degree in dieting I’m sure by now I’d have several, but to my disappointment, I lacked true commitment in the

New addition to your To Do List: SLEEP!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who was tired last week! The recent time change messed up my sleep schedule. Yours too? Ok, good. Now I don’t feel so bad. All week I was thinking… spring forward? How about backward! I always get excited in the Spring when I realize the time is


A cardio workout is part of every solid fitness routine, but how do we know if we are getting the most out of the cardio sessions? I want to share with you how I have not only answered this question, but how I have been able to measure my results. Two years ago, I took

I love breakfast!

I really do love breakfast.  In a perfect world, I would have an omelet, fresh fruit and an English muffin with apricot jam.  Unfortunately, like most people, I don't live in that world.  I do, however, know the benefits of having something for breakfast.  My day gets a kick-start, my system gets its wake up