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Zumba!!! Its Hot! Hot! Hot!

Zumba is the Latin dance inspired fitness craze that is hot, hot, hot!! Zumba combines fitness and fun using almost every muscle in your body while you are shaking and shimmying.   Zumba incorporates a range of Latin dance styles (hip-hop too) such as salsa, merengue, cha-cha, cumbia, belly dancing and my favorite samba.  Zumba offers classes

Aqua Training

Aqua Training Ahhhh, summer is here.  My favorite time of year.  My kids are home with me all day.  I get to sleep in on off days, take naps, no more homework and the pool!!!   Next to running, its my favorite way to workout. After months and months of training for a marathon and experimenting new

Move it, move it!

Most of us spend a majority of our day sitting. We sit in the car, we sit at our desks, we sit in meetings, we sit at lunch, and arrive home wanting to relax (which means we’re still sitting) after an exhausting day. I'm going to be optimistic here and say that most of you