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The Warm-up: Not Just a Trainer’s Trick To Get You To Do Cardio

How many times have you heard your trainer ask you, “are you warm?” when they greet you at the gym before your workout? If you reply, “yes, I rushed here from work”, you are probably not warm. When preparing for a good workout at the gym, most people usually get into their workout clothes, fill

Workout Meal, Before and After

I think, like most of the other trainers, I'm often asked what to eat before and after a workout. You need to fuel up the right way before your workout and carbs are your buddy. A combination of complex and simple carbs will carry you through your routine with a slow, steady release of energy

Listen to your body!

I work out 6-7 days a week and I actually feel guilty when I don’t get a workout in. I know you think I am crazy, but I love the way I feel when I am working out and especially how I feel when I’ve completed a hard workout! Ahhhh the sweat…love the sweat! Now,

Practice What We Preach! Healthy Eating Starts At An Early Age!

When it comes to teaching children, actions speak louder than words. Healthy eating habits and exercise start at an early age. Kids imitate everything we do. It’s pretty simple; they want to do what we do. I still remember saying to myself as a kid, I’m not going to be like my mom when I