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So Summer is here.

Schedules are crazy, and travel time is up.  Most of my clients want to keep working out but it is so hard when you are in a hotel room or have no access to exercise equipment.

Well I have a solution for you.  Try this workout while you are off on vacation.  It is quick, simply and challenging enough to make you feel like you got a great workout.  Best of all you won’t

feel like you are starting all over when you get back home to your normal workouts.

Set a timer on your phone for a minute.  Do each exercise for a minute as best you can.  Go through the whole set of exercises once, break for a minute and do it again.

Jump Squats

Push ups

Walking lunges

Plank hold

Squat Thrusts


Repeat set 4 rounds.


You are good to go.

Have fun on vacation;)


Happy Training


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