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Quick Travel Workout

So Summer is here. Schedules are crazy, and travel time is up.  Most of my clients want to keep working out but it is so hard when you are in a hotel room or have no access to exercise equipment. Well I have a solution for you.  Try this workout while you are off on

Vegetarian Chili

Now that the weather is cooling down and Christmas is on the way, I love a hearty chili. What I love more is this vegetarian version of chili.  It is so healthy and satisfying. With Christmas around the corner, we are all mindful to not gain those extra pounds before the new year. Try this

Breakfast Smoothie

Years ago I began having a smoothie for breakfast 5 mornings a week.  I found it easy and delicious.  I make my shake quick and easy and have it on the drive to work. When you have a busy day and need that quick meal to get your day going, consider a smoothie. Many of

Water Workouts

Summer is here and it is hot and humid.  Many of my clients walk or run.  When summer hits they stop all of that wonderful calorie burning until cooler weather arrives.  This is an opportunity to simply change the way you see exercise in the summer.  So many people have pools at there home and

Rock and Roll? Rock and Foam Roll !!!

People often ask me what is my favorite piece of exercise equipment.  I have so many that I love but I do have my ultimate favorite.  If I leave town, it comes with me.  I have four different varieties of it, and I use it with all my clients each week.  Ready?  It is my

HealthBand and what it did for me

It is a new year, and a great time to focus and give yourself a fresh start at your fitness goals.  With all the new fads in fitness out there, it can be overwhelming to find something that you will enjoy, and that will fit your lifestyle well.  As a trainer I always want to

New Year….. Bring it On

Could this year have gone by any faster? Each year goes by and I wonder how I can make time to slow down.  There are many ways to feel about the years flying by.  I sometimes panic a little.  Feeling like I will wake up one day and it's 5 years later!  I am choosing to take a new approach this

Move towards a Healthier You

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress level, water intake etc.  There are many different factors that help or prevent you from being the healthiest you can be.  Life is busy, and sometimes it feels overwhelming to accomplish all we need to be the healthiest we can be.  This year has flown by and next year is going to fly

Spirit Training

When it comes to health and fitness we always talk about exercising your muscles with strength training.  We talk about exercising your heart with cardio.  We talk about eating healthy to support your exercise efforts and lose weight.  Sounds like the whole package right.  Well I say not quite.  We will make wonderful gains with all that,

The Power of Goal Setting

When you are working to stay in shape, or get in shape, it is good to challenge yourself with a goal to motivate you.  It is great to schedule your workouts and follow the routine, but to get yourself out of your normal routine is always good.  The thing I have always loved about working