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Autumn Gluten Free Recipes

While the temperature in Houston may disagree, the calendar says it’s autumn. I love this time of year when the morning and evening start getting that crispy cool feeling (eventually)! Apple cider appears in the grocery store and I start thinking about fall baking. I love the smell of fresh breads in the oven making

Weight Loss and Your Knees

How many miles do you think you’ll walk in your lifetime? My Google search turned up several sites that said the average moderately active person will walk 115,500 miles in their life. How well do you think your knees will hold up for all that walking? I came across an article involving a study about

It’s What You Can’t See…

As we return from the holiday season, some of us have, ahem, over-indulged. So now the jeans are a little too tight to fasten without lying on our backs and applying near-Herculean strength to getting that zipper all the way up. We make our New Year's resolutions to losing weight, getting more exercise, doing our

Enjoy Your 2 Weeks of Fall

Fall finally seems to have arrived.  We've been fooled a couple of times already but it looks like we have reached the 2 weeks of the year that Houstonians live for. So how do you plan on enjoying this time?  I recently made a promise to myself to become a tourist in my own town. 

Workout Meal, Before and After

I think, like most of the other trainers, I'm often asked what to eat before and after a workout. You need to fuel up the right way before your workout and carbs are your buddy. A combination of complex and simple carbs will carry you through your routine with a slow, steady release of energy

It’s HOT…Hydrate (recipes included)!

You live in Houston and it's hot in the summer (and a couple of months into the fall). Your trainer continually tells you about the importance of hydration...about a million times. Some of you just don't get enough water. I remember reading a statistic that a huge percentage of the population (like 85%) is chronically

We’ve got your back!

One of the more common comments we get as trainers has to do with back pain. "My back is tight today", "I worked in the yard and my low back hurts", "I think I have a bad mattress"...sound familiar? Often, weak abdominal muscles are the root of the problem. Good can do something about

Tabata Style

I've been discussing Tabata training with a few clients but thought I'd try to reach a wider audience. And yes, I realize this might sound like I'm conducting a lecture class, but stick with me. First the history lesson. Tabata was founded by Izumi Tabata in Japan. He conducted research on two groups of athletes.

I love breakfast!

I really do love breakfast.  In a perfect world, I would have an omelet, fresh fruit and an English muffin with apricot jam.  Unfortunately, like most people, I don't live in that world.  I do, however, know the benefits of having something for breakfast.  My day gets a kick-start, my system gets its wake up