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What is health coaching?

A certified health coach is trained to work with a client to help them reach his or her goal that is health and fitness related. The health coach will work closely with the client to develop goal statements, develop a realistic timeline to achieve the goal(s), select useful tools and strategies to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles, and provide support along the way.

Why should I use a health coach to help me reach my goal(s)?

A health coach will be able to help you break down your goal into smaller, more achievable steps that are laid out in a plan created by both of you. This enables you to have complete ownership in your path to success, as well as create a realistic program that will work for you! A health coach can also provide you with the necessary tools and strategies to help you navigate through challenges that will come your way.

Who is the ideal candidate for health coaching?

An ideal candidate for health coaching is someone who is ready to make a change in their life in order to improve their health. Whether you are interested in achieving a healthier weight, changing your dietary habits, beginning an exercise program, sticking to an exercise program, lowering your blood pressure, or signing up for your first race, a health coach can help you develop a tailored plan to reach your goals. You don’t have to be a client of the studio to sign up for our health coaching program. We also have Skype or phone options available for those who are not located in Houston or cannot make it to the studio for weekly follow-up sessions.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but you can’t reach your weight loss goal? Do you feel stuck in your current fitness and nutrition plan and you aren’t sure where to go from there? Or maybe you know you need to make a change to get healthier, but you don’t know where to start. No matter where you’re starting out, we have a health coaching program to fit your needs. Read the program descriptions below to find the perfect program for you.

This service is designed for clients who are ready to make a change in order to reach their health and fitness goals. Throughout the health coaching program, you will:

  • Develop goal statements
  • Create a realistic timeline for each goal
  • Break down your goal(s) into smaller, more achievable steps
  • Receive a plan of action
  • Learn how to keep moving forward when “life” happens

Kinsey IMG_6967Mahaffey completed her Master’s Degree in Public Health in the Health Promotion/Behavioral Sciences Division from the UT School of Public Health in Houston in 2015. She is also an NASM certified Personal Trainer, ACE certified Health Coach and Certified Health Education Specialist. Kinsey is a former Division I collegiate athlete from the University of Houston where she studied Health. Now, Kinsey is passionate about using her knowledge in fitness, health promotion, and behavioral sciences to help others reach their health and fitness goals. She specializes in helping her clients develop a personalized plan to create sustainable change for a lifetime of health.