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By Cristina Adams

IN A WORLD OFTEN DEFINED BY FADS IT IS HARD TO TELL what’s in and what s out, what will stick around and what will evaporate in the next heat wave Some shifts in taste, however, signal real change Take for instance, the dawning of the new age of exercise. Sure, it may have started with some nubile Hollywood starlets making sweat-free picture perfect videos, but it has evolved into a serious—and permanent—date on the daily calendar.

Getting started is the hardest part There is a seemingly endless array of exercises to choose from—kick-boxing, in-line skating and stair-stepping, for example And then there are the more metaphysical pursuits like yoga and Pilates (pronounced puh-lah tease) In the interest of staying a step ahead of the trendsetters, we’ve rounded up a short list of neighborhood spots where the new age has arrived

For Ladies Only

Girls, this is sisterhood on a higher level. After years of working out in co-ed gyms, Liz Zamadics decided she’d had enough of sweating with the boys.

Rather than give up her workouts, Zamadics and her husband started their own gym. They completely renovated the lower level of a 1930s duplex, refinishing the hardwood floors and painting everything bright white with black accents. The Train Station finally opened for business in 1992. But something was distinctly different. Could it be the lack of men? Yes ma’am, this workout studio is for women only. And that’s the way the members like it.

These days, The Train Station has a staff of four and plenty state-of-the art stuff like free weights, personal trainers with impressive pedigrees and an aerobics room that houses treadmills, Stairmasters and stationary bicycles. What more could a girl ask for? “The Train Station today is exactly what I envisioned for a fitness concept when I first started planning,” the 31-year-old Zamadics says. ‘To my surprise, there were a lot of other people who were looking for the same type of environment.”

Most workouts last one hour, but there are also 30-minute sessions in the afternoon for women who exercise at lunch. All workouts are scheduled so there are never more than three clients training at once. No more waiting in line just to grab your 30-minute limit on the treadmill.

And instead of weighing-in, which can be a humbling experience, The Train Station tests body composition and takes measurements. “Fitness is about body composition, and the goal is to reduce fat and increase muscle-mass,” Zamadics says. “Weight is not the first issue.”

The Train Station is located at 1608 Bissonnet near The Village. The cost of training packages varies. A one-hour session costs $60, but that price goes down if you sign up for more than one. You can opt for weekly or monthly packages. Phone is 713 523-9092.