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Nice abs. My, you’re flexible. Burn calories here often? We’ve all heard our share of cheesy pick-up lines at the gym, where muscled men in sleeveless spandex seem to camp out all day.

Avoid the common creep and get your next workout at The Train Station, a facility for gals only. In a restored bungalow, the cute fitness gurus behind the biz are informed, but never over the top. Just in time for swimsuit season, sessions with personal trainers are ridiculously cheap, and there’s no membership fee. Sign up for pilates and water strength classes, or ask them to come up with a workout and nutrition plan just for you.

For the last time, tell that dude who grunts that you don’t need a spotter.

The Train Station
1608 Bissonnet (map)
Houston, TX 77005

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