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Proper nutrition is often the missing link in a woman's fitness program. Many women think they eat healthily because they stay away from fast food, eat salads, or drink lots of water. While these are excellent habits, they are simply not enough. Poor nutritional habits rarely addressed, like inadequate protein, vitamins and minerals, can actually encourage fat gain and discourage muscle mass growth.

While the media has taught women in general what they need to do, very few know what their specific body needs and how to implement the changes. The purpose of the Nutrition Program is to educate you about your personal nutritional needs and to help you make practical nutritional changes for your body to thrive!

A vital part in personalizing the Nutrition Program for you is finding out how many calories your body needs daily to function optimally. Typically, mathematical equations used to determine caloric needs are off by up to 800 calories - in other words, almost 2 pounds of unwanted weight gain per week.

To avoid this inaccuracy, The Train Station offers cutting edge calorie testing for clients, called the Resting Metabolic Rate Test. The test consists of sitting quietly for 10 minutes while breathing in a comfortable mask. The mask calculates how much oxygen your body consumes per breath, which reflects how many calories your body burns in a day. This test allows us to determine most accurately your daily calorie allotment so you can reach your goals quickly and safely.

Selecting a Nutrition Program Package depends on your personal goals, your current knowledge about proper nutrition and stress, and how quickly your nutrition and stress habits improve.

If you are confused about what package to you need or would like to customize a package, please complete our Getting Started form or call 713.523.9092.

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